Multipurpose terminal Odesos PBM - Varna

Member of asociation of private ports in Bulgaria




The terminal is situated in the eastern part of Varna Lake in Navigation Canal 3 (the old navigation canal of Varna). The area was known in the past as  No 2 Region of Varna Shipyard. It operates three berths with a total length of 498 metres and a maximum safe draft of 6.80 meters.

The terminal has 14,912 sq.m. of warehouses and open storage areas 41,300 sq.m.

Varna Railway Distribution Station which is located in the immediate vicinity of the port, provides for railway maneuvers in the entire region at a minimum maneuvering distance and  at a minimum cost.

The zoning of cargo handling is determined on the basis of the type of warehouse and the suitability  of the warehouse to the respective type of cargo and the handling method. The port has a full range of standard cargo handling gear, attachable equipment and additional technological equipment for performing all possible kinds of technological cargo handling options. The whole territory and all warehouses are under 24-hour video surveillance. In addition to the handling of ship consignments, the port also performs decontainerization / containerization of bulk and general cargoes.

Conditions have been provided for specialized handling of plane glass in crates and for packaging of fertilizers. A professional technological line for fertilizer packaging has been introduced. These conditions provide for an independent fertilizer packaging technology whereby bulk operations are separated from the packing process. This ensures an exceptional cleanness of the final product without any scattering and the exact weight of each unit. The packaging system also ensures electronic reporting of the exact quantity, the seal number and the packing time for each unit.


Terminal transport connections

Along the East – West route: Hemus А2 highway, Е-70 international route, 2008 road route, 202 railway route

Along the North – South route: Е-87 international route, II-29 road route (General Toshevo – Dobrich – Varna)

The length of the port’s own railway line which connects the port with Varna railway terminal is 1,400 m.

The tracks can accommodate up to 20 wagons and handle up to 6 wagons simultaneously.

A 24/7 video surveillance is maintained at all transport check points by a video surveillance centre.

The company has convenient railway and vehicle ramps which allow the transfer of cargoes from one mode of transportation to another in various ways.