Multipurpose terminal Odesos PBM - Varna

Member of asociation of private ports in Bulgaria

Warehousing and Open Area storage



Bulk and general cargoes are stored in warehouses and open storage areas. For the storage of specific cargoes, such as cereals, a specialized storage area has been established and it has been licensed by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.

Special conditions are provided for the storage and handling of plane glass in wooden cases. The warehouse with an area of 4,600 sq.m. is equipped with three yard cranes with 12.5 t capacity each.

 The open storage area (for example for storing metal scrap, reinforcing steel, sheet steel, timber, non-ferrous metals, etc.) is 41,300 sq.m.

The area of the warehouses (for example for storing grain and cereals, fertilizers in big bags and on pallets, cement, soda, kaolin, glass, etc.) is 14,912 sq.m.